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Audio and Books

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Crossroads: 3 Keys to Making Better Decisions More Easily

Great for your own library or as a gift, this is a “full length” version of my popular speech by the same name! It includes:

* A 65 minute audio CD

* Convenient tracks for easy review sessions
* Informative note-taking guide/handout (via download)

Click here to go to the order site and read more about the program description and CD details! Here you will also be offered your choice of convenient and secure ordering formats including web, fax, or toll-free number ordering. Check back for future offerings.

One of these days in the not too distant future, I will finish my own book on Money & Meaning (which will be comprised of material I’ve written or researched for working with people and speechs…or for an upcoming WeBLog or newsletter on a site I’ve started to develop called MindOverMoney, etc.) …

…Until then, allow me to point you to these resources if you are working to improve your relationship with money and find more meaning in your life.

Here are some books I assign to folks to read….

I routinely get positive feedback about these three books even though they can ruffle the feathers of some. The titles and content may surprise you (especially the Man’s Search for Meaning’s content) but if you fully engage these and think about life, money & meaning as you do you will come out with a deeper understanding. Yes, if you stick with them as if you were being graded on your reading and reflection, if you keep an open-mind in applying information to yourself, you will get great benefit from them.

Click on each of the links below to learn more about each book and buy it. But remember you may be able to get it at a used bookstore or a local library. However you get them, just decide to do it and spend a little mindful time thinking about your life in a productive, supportive way.

Your Money or Your Life: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence — (1999 version, but the 1992 version is basically the same but without the updated resource list) The book is by Dominguez & Robin.

Man’s Search for Meaning — by the amazing Viktor Frankl
(First published in 1946 but any version 1984 or later is better because it has an added chapter. Be sure the book is titled simply “Man’s Search for Meaning” NOT “ultimate meaning”)

Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic (2005, the 2nd edition with the ugly green cover) The book is by DeGraaf, Wann & Naylor.

There are lots of other great books out there….but I recommend you start with these. 🙂 If you want to know how I assign them with my students, contact me.