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Why is this good for you? What’s in it for your people?

“I really appreciate how well you prepare for your talks – well orchestrated and timed. Very professional, well-paced, clear, with great balance of reflection and listening.”
–Peggy O’Sullivan, Director, Advanced Public Executive Program

You have a lot going on and want everything to go smoothly as you book a professional for your event. You can feel confident in your choice and receive rave reviews from your attendees by booking Dr. Stephanie. Your attendees will discover key principles from a psychologist and educator who is expert in decision-making, communication, and human nature.

Dr. deLusé’s presentations are the perfect blend of information and inspiration. Her motivational style with solid tools your people can put to use immediately to make better decisions in every situation and have more satisfying work and personal relationships. Her keynotes, breakout sessions and workshops fit the needs of a variety of different types of organizations.

Dr. Stephanie’s appeal is broad and yet she is skilled in audience analysis and can target her material to just what your people need whether you are in the association, business, education, government, or personal growth market. (She’s shares your goal of a successful meeting so if she can’t comfortably and confidently target one of her topics to your needs, she’ll happily pass on the deal and refer you to another expert colleague who may be a better fit.)

Beyond her extensive education, her broad life experiences have given her special appreciation for the challenges we all face in the various domains of our lives and pulls on that experience to make for entertaining yet educational presentations.

Her experience with uncertainty and transition in personal and organizational settings translates into thoughtful content on coping with change, taking risks, and making good decisions. Her mastery of the art and science of communication in its different forms makes for great presentational style and ease in working with her.

Still happy working with Interdisciplinary students from all walks of life at a major state university, Dr. Stephanie is more and more engaged in sharing her dynamic yet down-to-earth style and messages to an ever increasing public audience. Her diverse audiences instantly connect with her and her material. They respect her authority yet love her contagious enthusiasm, energy and appropriate sense of humor.

“I would like to say thank you for presenting an excellent program at our Annual Conference and for all your assistance in obtaining CEU certification for the course…the attendees gained a great deal of information from your presentation. Based on my own experience and the attendees’ evaluation forms, this year’s event went extraordinarily well. Your professionalism and expertise greatly contributed to this success. I appreciate your contribution to the education and knowledge or our membership. We hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future!”
–Creative Marketing Alliance, Inc. CMA Solutions Association Services Group

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These are a selection of my most popular topics…the site is under development so check back for more or call Dr. Stephanie for more information on other topics. These presentations can be adapted for keynotes or breakouts or as workshops.

Crossroads: 3 Keys to Making Better Decisions More Easily

Maybe you haven’t thought about it this way but we have a choice in how we approach each moment and each situation in every area of our life. Every decision is a crossroad of sorts and we each struggle to one degree or another with certain decisions at home or at work. Sometimes they truly are big decisions while other times we make mountains out of molehills.

Either way, you can reduce the confusion, the worry, and the fear as you step on to the road. In this presentation, your audience will reflect on the process and leave with some insights that will bring structure and focus to their decision-making that will improve the quality of life and productivity both personally and professionally. Can’t decide whether to book this? Then you definitely need to!

“I attended your lunchtime presentation…I enjoyed it immensely and took copious notes….your model is very concise and memorable.” — ’03 National Conference Chair, International Furnishing & Design Association

“Very appropriate for my life today…good points in helping to avoid decision making delays. Very helpful in the area of family as well as business.”
— Resa Farmer President, Southeast Interiors

Mind, Money & Emotions: What We Do, Why & What Might Work Better

No matter whether your audience earns minimum wage or 6-figure incomes (and everything in between!), we all stand to handle our lives better if we understand our hidden — and not so hidden — values, habits, and emotions around money.

Most of us don’t consciously reflect on the meaning and motivations behind the routine spending we do. Yet what we think, what we feel, and what we actually do can have a profound impact on how, where and why we spend money. Which, in turn, impacts our satisfaction with life now and our confidence about what our financial futures hold. Come learn and be inspired about money and decision-making.

This isn’t your standard “financial planning” talk — it’s better! This is about our mind, money, and emotions and how to make better decisions to support you in doing what you already know you need – or want – to do wherever you are on the financial continuum. The principles your audience will learn here will give them more freedom and control than money can buy.

“Thank you for your participation, your lecture was a great addition to our program. Several in our audience commented that the content of your presentation was interesting and informative, and the delivery of your seminar was excellent. Your session drew a much larger audience than we expected and we were extremely pleased with the turnout. We were fortunate that you could participate. Thanks again for sharing your talents and knowledge with us. We certainly hope you will consider returning to speak at some point in the future.”
— Chris Kyselka, Meeting Planner, Downtown Public Lecture Series

Surviving & Thriving in the Storms of Change: Challenges & Choices

Every organization, relationship, and person faces change – a single change may be so radical or a series of changes may come so rapidly that you wonder how you’ll keep up or if you even want to. Some change we initiate or can negotiate; other changes — it may seem like most of them! — are handed to us in such a way that we simply have to step up to the plate and adapt or move on.

Come reflect on the cycle and challenges of change as well as learn tools and techniques to better cope positively with change and uncertainty. Change always offers both discomfort and opportunity so making better choices in how you navigate the waters of change will increase your sense of control and satisfaction with work and life.

* This particular presentation is aimed at the “recipients” of change as opposed to one aimed at the “initiators” of change…while this material will be useful to initiators as well (as we are all recipients in some way) there is other material that is better suited to helping initiators better plan and disseminate change to lay the foundation for increased receptivity and reduced resistance, etc. that won’t be covered here. If you are interested in that presentation, please contact Dr. Stephanie.

“I had the pleasure of hearing your presentation yesterday. It was well developed, well presented and addressed a complicated subject in a concise yet non-judgmental way. I really enjoyed it.” — Karen Wirrig, President, Karen Cole Designs

Life Stages: Portrait or Performance?

Does your life represent a picture of the real you or are you going through the motions acting like you think you should or simply out of routine in one or more areas of your life? Are you living your life or someone else’s idea? Are you really living or just acting out a script? So, then, are you being accepted or rejected for the real you or who you are pretending to be?

Learn about the life stages we all go through and the related challenges. Take home important tips to improving your authenticity quotient…that is, increase how much of the time you are aware of your true self and living congruently with that.

*Warning: this speech includes references to real life obstacles Dr. Stephanie has overcome in regard to negative relationship and religious experiences. These are tastefully handled, of course, but the point-blank honesty may surprise your audience. When you book this presentation, she’ll do an audience analysis with you to determine if this is a good fit or if she should share the wisdom without some of the stories.

“Comedy, knowledge, experience. Great program…” — G.F, City of Phoenix, Mayor’s Office

Success Through Visualization: What Does Your Future Hold?

Any athlete or performer will tell you that any type of performance can be improved through repeatedly visualizing success and any goal or outcome made more accessible. Just like any engineer or designer will tell you that visualizing the final product through models and plans is critical to a successful result. Yet have you or your audience practiced this inexpensive but effective tool?

Think about your life. Ever wonder where you will be in 2 years? 5 years? 10 years? Have you planned it out or are you just waiting to see what happens? Is there a good balance in between? Travel into the future with your mind and picture yourself reaching your goals and find important clues to the right path as you do so.

Your audience may have heard the word “Visualization” before but how many really understand the art and science behind this simple but powerful technique? Imagine how they’d benefit from a balance of information and experience in this presentation where they’ll be motivated to start the process and be inspired to practice it at home.

Great content and delivery – very enjoyable! Made me think about a lot of things I haven’t wanted to think about. — Steve Lee

“Very helpful and informative, a lot of great information that is applicable with strategies; great, energetic presentation; opened a lot of thoughts and ideas, areas to work on and toward, thank you so much!” — Tamar Spart, Concepts in Care

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Brief Bio

Dr. Stephanie R. deLusé has a Masters and Ph.D. in Psychology, as well as a B.S. in Communication with an emphasis in business. She is a faculty member in Interdisciplinary Studies at Arizona State University and has lectured on well-being, psychology, career, and communication related topics in both public and academic settings. She is an expert in personal decision making and coping with change and uncertainty.

She authored and delivered the audio-seminar “Crossroads: 3 Keys to making better decisions more easily” with listeners as far as Singapore and has co-authored articles in Family and Conciliation Courts Review on Methodological Considerations in Evaluating Family Court Programs and on The Content of Divorce Education Programs and has written on health psychology topics.

Whereas many psychologists work with people who are suffering from mental illness, Dr. Stephanie has focused her research primarily on the issues that might affect each of us like coping with change in life. These areas include change at work or in career, relationships, divorce, health and wellness issues, and how social situations affect us (and how we can affect them!) She has worked at developing, implementing, and testing theories and programs relating communication, conflict resolution, parenting, and around personal responsibility and decision-making around when people take action to help themselves and others.

Still focused on helping people make better decisions in all arenas of their personal and professional lives, two of her favorite classes to teach are 1) “Money, Medicine, & Morals” and 2) “Money & Meaning” where she and her students grapple with the intersection of these areas and how they impact both daily and major life decisions. Increased awareness leads to a wider array of choices and more-informed decisions. Not your “everyday” psychologist, Dr. Stephanie translates potentially complex topics into user-friendly information you can put right to use in your life.

“I appreciate your quick and smooth transitions…the detailed handout was great! Appreciate your using yourself as an example.”

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Audio Visual Requirements

This will actually depend on the size of your audience & room and whether you are booking a keynote or a workshop or training session. In some cases Dr. Stephanie is the only visual aid necessary, in other cases a flip-chart or white board is in play and at the most she’d require your standard laptop, projector, and screen for multi-media.

Here is the form she typically uses in regard to A/V once the conversation starts about your event, take a peek at it….

Dr. Stephanie’s A/V Form

(This is an Adobe .pdf file. Click here if you need to install Acrobat Reader to view it.)

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As we get closer to your date, it’s best if we identify someone in your organization who is respected and well-liked to provide an introductory bridge between Dr. Stephanie and your audience. She’ll meet that person when she arrives at your event but prior to that you (the meeting planner) and the introducer will be provided a copy of my brief introduction so they will be able to read it over once or twice and deliver it pretty much as written comfortably to properly “set the stage “for your audience.

Dr. Stephanie usually tweaks the introduction a bit depending on the audience and the topic and to include anything new that’s helpful but here’s an example or two that she works from as a base. Take a peak to see how straightforward they are and how they help prepare the listener/participant to move into a receptive mindset or to feel more open about typically taboo subjects (for example with a tad of humor in the Money intro…).

Dr. Stephanie’s Intro for 3 Keys

Dr. Stephanie’s Intro for Mind, Money…

(These Intros are .pdf files. Click here if you need to install Acrobat Reader to view them.)

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Feel free to use these photos in your newsletters, press releases, website, or conference program….any place that promote this presentation/event inside or outside your organization.

To download from a PC using Internet Explorer:
Right click on either of the links below and choose “Save Target As…” and save to your hard drive.
To download from a Mac using Internet Explorer:
Hold down the control key and click on the relevant link.  Select ‘download image to disk’

“Very positive…focused on something we do daily …wonderful voice and soft presentation style.” — William Hopper, WWH Restoration Exclusive Estate Sales

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This area is still under development as we move into this century 🙂 so check back in the future for sound or video bites. In the meantime, know that meeting planners have happily secured Dr. Stephanie for their group without these “whistles and bells” as her credentials speak for themselves and her offerings are unique…so you too can feel confident in selecting her. You may go to the Audio & Books section of this website to hear sound snippets from the audio-book “Crossroads: 3 Keys for Making Better Decisions More Easily”

Great presenter – credible, personable; sensible guides; appreciated the thought exercises; non-judgmental and humorous. — Gary Huish

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After Booking

In preparation for your program, Dr. Stephanie would like to review materials that allow her to have a better understanding of your organization, including:

• Product brochures
• Annual report
• Newsletters
• Organizational profile
• Programs from previous meetings
• Program/agenda for upcoming event
• Promotional mailings for upcoming event

Dr. Stephanie also has a pre-program questionnaire/client profile she’ll either send to you or go over with you after we book.

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Collateral Materials

We are in the process of updating/re-organizing the site. Check back here in the future where we intend to have all of the items above (and a few others!) collected in this one area for easy download.

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