Meet Stephanie

Meet Stephanie

What should you know about me?  A bit about my philosophy and style would be good…

Stephanie deLusé, Ph.D.

Though trained as a psychologist, I’ve found that you can often make significant life changes without a big long slog through the past, or having to label something as broken before it can be fixed.  I leave the therapy for those who are “sick” or “poorly adjusted” to my “clinical” colleagues.

Instead, I coach people who are “normal” and “high functioning.”  People who are doing okay to very well but may benefit from someone in their corner providing some clarity and perspective, some ideas and inspiration.  This facilitates you taking life to the next level…in whatever arena that is for you.

I don’t need to be an expert in what YOU do.  I am not a know-it-all consultant who will be telling you what to do in your life or area of expertise.  Yes, I have a wealth of experience in life and business to draw upon and I will give you advice, opinions, and directions to the degree I am able — when and if you want these things.  But I believe we all have our gifts and encouraging you to find the right resource to meet your needs is one of the gifts a coach can provide for you.

What I can tell you is I am an expert in three things: human nature, communication, and positively coping with change.  This covers a lot of ground whether I am working with a CEO or a homemaker, an older person or a teenager.  Most of what we must deal with in life…pleasant or unpleasant…boils down to these simple basics.

Most importantly, you should know I listen very, very well.  (When is the last time you were really listened to?)  Also be forewarned…I’ll ask thought-provoking, yet simple questions.  To work with me you have to be ready to play, explore, and take risks in the safety of the relationship we will create.  Then you can decide how to proceed in the world beyond.

My goal is to support you in identifying what’s going on in your life, what’s important to you, and what needs to change for you to have the life (at home or in business) that you want.  The choice is yours to act or not act on what you come up with, or anything I might suggest.

Everything you need to know is already there inside of you…

It just may take a coach…

  • to inspire you cut through the noise & confusion so the answer surfaces for you to see.
  • to pick you up and dust you off if at first you don’t succeed.
  • to give you permission to focus on your strengths and let certain weaknesses be.

Can you do it alone?  Yes. But why struggle?  You can do it faster and with less effort if you have the right coach.

I don’t take many clients these days, but if this sounds like the right fit for you, contact me and we’ll see if we can set up a complimentary get-acquainted session to see if I, too, think this is a good fit.  And if you don’t call me, call someone.  You are worth it.  You are your own best investment.