Dr. Stephanie R. deLusé has a Masters and Ph.D. in Psychology, as well as a B.S. in Communication with a minor equivalency in business. She has lectured on well-being, psychology, business, and communication related topics in both public and academic settings.

Her training and experience in both the Western scientific and the Eastern holistic traditions allow her to bring a mix of both heart and head to bear in facilitating clients’ increased awareness, skill-building, and authentic action. Her style includes constructive, creative input and thought-provoking questions and comments. These, combined with excellent listening and empathic skills, provide a supportive environment for the personal evolution of her clients.

Her coaching style is reflected in her speaking style with audiences reporting she is authoritative yet approachable, organized yet flexible, serious yet light, and very practical yet inspiring.Stephanie deLusé, Ph.D.

In addition to her coaching and public speaking, Stephanie has been teaching, conducting research, and advising/mentoring students at Arizona State University since 1993. Originally in the Department of Psychology, in 2001 she entered a national search to join the Interdisciplinary Studies Program and was selected. She was there for several years and went on to be the Associate Director of that program for many of those years.  While there she won multiple competitive teaching awards. She then was selected from a national search to teach in Barrett, the Honors College, where she currently serves as a Principal Lecturer.

Whereas many psychologists work with people who are suffering from mental illness, Dr. Stephanie has focused her research primarily on the issues with social components that might affect each of us like relationships, divorce, and health issues (illness and wellness). Additional areas of experience include optimizing communication skills and how social situations influence us–and can be influenced by us.

As an example of her work, she helped develop, implement and scientifically test the effectiveness of programs to increase the communication and conflict resolution skills of parents experiencing divorce. (Better informed, more skillful, and parents who fight less lead to the end goal of children who adjust better to divorce and spend more time with the non-custodial parent.) Portions of this work have been published in academic journals.

Another example of her work is in health/social psychology area studying people’s health beliefs and their sense of personal responsibility…and how that relates to when we take action to help ourselves and others. More recently, she has focused her efforts on helping people better understand decision making (and in making more effective ones!) in various aspects of their life.

Prior to her ASU experience, Stephanie had a wealth of other life, professional, and volunteer experiences that add to her insight into human nature as it operates at work, at home, and in the community.